Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Church Is In Good Hands

This morning, I stood in line to testify in the committee that will be voting on the ordination standards that currently exclude queer people from ministry in our church.

Broadening our ordination standards is hugely important to me. When I started seminary, I had no plans to fight this battle. I came close to leaving for the UCC, but each time I met Presbyterians, or went to a Presbyterian service, or as I learned about Presbyterian polity, I realized that this is my church, and I am a Presbo through and through.

As I stood in line, I heard some affirming and powerful testimonies, and I heard others that were filled with (self-)hatred and ignorance. I did my best not to listen to the painful stuff, as I was getting ready to speak, and instead I thought of my favorite place on earth -- the chapel at Union Seminary. I remembered feeling affirmed in my call to ministry, supported by my community, and I remembered some of my brilliant colleagues, who are also excluded from ordination.

I kept these friends on my heart as I stepped up to testify. I told the committee that I know some people are worried about the future of the church, but I could assure them that the church is in good hands. I know what passionate, talented, and Spirit-filled hands will lead our church into its future. But, I told them, so many of them -- of us -- are queer. Almost none of us look exactly like what we're used to. The church is in great hands, as long as we can trust God enough to ordain the leaders that God calls.

Kate LeFranc

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